Zwift Goes Off-Road, Use Your Smartphone To Steer

Zwift Goes Off-Road, Use Your Smartphone To Steer

Two unsurprising but welcome updates are coming to Zwift; the ability to steer your avatar and a new off-road singletrack section.

As part of their FutureWorks live testing and development program, Zwift will be running a beta of the new steering option in a new singletrack section of the Titan Grove expansion.

Here’s what Eric Min has to say about FutureWorks:

The teams here at Zwift have so many innovative ideas, but Zwifters have historically only been able to try those that have gone through a lengthy development process. FutureWorks will allow us to deliver more of these ideas at a concept phase – allowing Zwifters to give us their direct feedback on what they want to see more of. This is a means of giving the community more of a voice on what they wish to see added in the game.”

Two firsts for Zwift; real steering input and the first time mountain bikes will be available.

In order to try these improvements out yourself, you’ll need to be using the Zwift Companion app on your smartphone, with the phone attached to your handlebars. From there when you ride the singletrack section in the Watopia Titan Grove expansion, you’ll get prompt to try it out.   If you finish the singletrack section in less than 12:30 with a 100% steering score, you’ll unlock the Zwift Mountain Bike and Zwift Mountain Wheels to use in game.

The steering option is, of course, also coming with the newly announced Wahoo KICKR bike and StagesBike.