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About Me

Kevin Curry | Founder, Editor in Chief

My father and I at 14,000 feet.

I originally created ZipRage back in 2005 as a competitor to traditional men’s magazines. The site grew and gained popularity, but the time I could devote to it shrunk thanks to school. In 2013, I relaunched the site as a more niche dedicated automotive blog. That went well for some time but it started to get stale, I wanted to write about things other than just cars again. So, I rebranded ZipRage into Gear & Grit.

Gear & Grit is a catchall for the things I love to write about; the products and advice necessary to live a rewarding and successful life.

Aside from running Gear & Grit, I am a pharmacy supervisor for Kaiser Permanente. My beautiful wife Elin keeps me in line and my daughter Jane keeps me busy and fills my heart with joy. If I’m not working, I’m in my garage lifting, on my bike – mountain or road -, climbing a mountain, playing guitar, brewing beer, dabbling in photography or generally enjoying life.

If you have any questions, comments or want your product reviewed on the site please feel free to Contact Me.  I, of course, love to hear what you like but also like to hear what I can improve upon.

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