Stages Launches Exercise Smart Bike

I’ve been riding Stages power meters for years, now they are launching the StagesBike. The StagesBike exercise bike features a highly adjustable ride position; saddle, bar height and forward/aft positioning adjustable. Plus the cranks are designed so you can easily change the crank length between 165mm, 170mm, 172.5mm and 175mm.

The bike can provide resistance of up to 3000 watts at 120rpm, with power delivered from the cranks by way of a Gates carbon belt drive. The unit promises quiet, maintenance-free training. Power output is measured via a Stages Gen 3 dual sided power meter. The brake hoods include integrated, programmable shift buttons.

In addition to Bluetooth and ANT+ for connectivity, there are two USB ports included to help keep your devices charged. The StagesBike is designed to work with Zwift and other training platforms.

The StagesBike will be available starting first-quarter 2020, with a price between $2600 and $2800.