Zwift Announces L'Equipe Provence Badge Hunters Series

Zwift Announces L'Equipe Provence Badge Hunters Series

Looking to stack up some Zwift badges and have fun? The L’Equipe Provence Badge Hunter Series will help you do some badge hunting and have fun in the process. 


Welcome to the L’Equipe Provence Badge Hunter Series. We share two goals: stacking badges and having fun! It’s going to be a blast. Whether this is your first time badge hunting or you just want to tap into the contagious enthusiasm from like-minded Zwifters to help get you through a 100km ride, you’re in the right place. 

Track Your Zwift Route Completion Progress

Grab a copy of our Zwift Route Completion checklist over in Google Sheets and check off your progress as you stack those badges.

Series Overview

Each weekend the crew at L’Equipe will load up the snack rack, turn up the tunes, and set off on a different hunt across some of Zwift’s most popular and challenging routes. Join them!

Every Badge Hunt will build on the last as this merry mob marauds across four different worlds in search of pretzels, dinosaurs, and a sasquatch! Along the way, you will collect XP, a few shiny badges for your trophy case, and loads of new riding buddies.

As part of the team, you will unlock the exclusive L’Equipe Provence kit in Zwift Complete any of the Badge Hunter rides to add the fresh colors of the Côte d’Azur to your Garage. Keep track of your new achievements each week through ZwiftHub!

Achievement Badge Unlocks and Route Descriptions

Check out our collection of Zwift Route maps to see what you’re in for.

March 6th—New York, Everything Bagel (34km / 544m) +690XP

Our first Saturday Hunt brings us to the bright lights and steep ramps of New York in search of the perfect bagel and badge. Never flat, but always fun, this route explores every inch of pavement of the New York world. 

March 7th—Watopia, On Fire! Achievement Badge (107km / 530m) +6,000XP

Things are going to get hot! This Sunday hunt will test your legs and equilibrium. We will embark on 25 dizzying laps of the Volcano circuit and collect up to five badges, a new jersey unlock, and up to 6,000XP for newer riders! 

March 13th—Watopia, Muir and the Mountain (39km / 910m) +680XP

We will venture deep into the wild forest roads of Titans Grove before climbing skyward to the KQOM Radio Tower. One of the most beautiful routes in Watopia, watch out for dinosaurs and Jarvis the Bear. Stick with the group as we begin our blistering descent of the Epic KOM for a chance to bag the 100KPH achievement badge!

March 14th—Watopia, Quatch Quest (47km / 1700m) +920XP

Keep your eyes peeled and your legs spinning. A day for the mountain goats as we ascend the legendary Alpe du Zwift! Whether this is your first or 25th time up this switchback laden climb, you will have a shot at spotting the elusive Yeti wandering around the frozen terrain. Grab a picture but refrain from feeding him—we will need all of the snacks for this ride. 

March 20th—London, London Pretzel (56km / 580m) +1100XP

Pretzel week starts with a stop in jolly old London town. Use the group draft early and often because this is a tale of two rides. The first part is flat with a few risers sprinkled in. The second half of our ride will take us into the Surrey Hills where Fox and Box Hill will put our teamwork to a proper test.

March 21th—Watopia, Pretzel (73km / 1361m) +1440XP

The classic. This route was once the longest in all of Watopia. Long before the Uber Pretzel and Mega Pretzel, the original Pretzel was king. Just because it is the shortest of the three in Watopia, do not be deceived by its length: this route is notoriously difficult. We begin straight away on the Epic KOM before winding our way around to take it on again in reverse. With four KOM climbs to tackle, this will be one salty ride.

March 27th— France, Petit Boucle (61km / 483m) +1220XP

Bienvenue aux chasseurs! We begin this weekend on home French roads. This is some of the newest tarmac on Zwift, and was developed for the Virtual Tour de France in 2020. Enjoy the rolling roads past fields of lavender and rosé vineyards as far as the eye can see. You can also spot Mont Saint-Michel in the distance and climb over Pont du Gard. Meanwhile, our Giant of Provence–Mont Ventop–inspired by Mont Ventoux, invites us to dance up the slopes. 

March 28th —Watopia, Four Horsemen (90km / 2110m) +1780XP

Now that you are all seasoned badge hunters, it’s time for the final quest. The Four Horsemen route badge will put your mind and body to the ultimate test. Luckily, you have the team with you! Take each leg-sapping climb one at a time and settle in for a ride to remember. The Alpe du Zwift awaits us in the final. Keep fighting until you bag one of the most challenging trophy badges to call your own.

Get To Know L’Equipe Provence

L’Equipe Provence was born out of two-wheeled wanderlust. A few like-minded friends in New York City wanted to escape the daily urban grind. Escape they did!

In the summer of  2015, they set off for a week-long cycling tour to one of the most beautiful places in the world: the Provence region in the South of France.

It was a huge undertaking that would not have been possible without the support of partners and locals alike, as well as everyone who participated. It was a real team effort, and that’s why these friends used the French word for team—l’equipe—in their name. 

L’Equipe Provence’s raison d’être is to  support, motivate, and motivate themselves and you to explore the world by bicycle! 

The team loves meeting up weekly on Zwift to stay connected between their next rendezvous in Provence. Join the team, grab a wheel, and chill the rosé. It’s time to play bikes! 

Join their Zwift ride group on FacebookVisit the Team Shop.

Why Should I Join A L’Equipe Provence Group Ride?

Completing these adventures is more fun with a team. And faster, too. That is why Zwift joined forces with L’Equipe Provence to spearhead your badge hunting adventures across Watopia, France, London, and New York. Clear some room in the [digital] trophy case: badge season is open this March. Allez!