Zwift Route Completion Checklist in Google Sheets

Latest Update on 5/20/2021 – added Makuri Island routes.

The air is filled with smoke, the weather is cooling off and the days are getting shorter. Sounds like it’s time to swap some of my outdoor riding hours for indoor. Which means more time on Zwift.

Riding is always more fun with a goal. So, my goal for this fall/winter is to finish all the routes in Zwift. By my count there are currently a total of 122 routes in Zwift (including event only routes). You can see the list of routes with maps here.

With that goal in mind, I decided to whip up a checklist to mark off routes as I complete them. There’s a little of 2,000 miles to ride, 161,000 feet to climb and about 45,000 XP points to pick up on the way.

Check out this Google Sheet for tracking all the Zwift routes you’ve ridden.

Grab a Copy of the Zwift Route Completion Checklist Google Sheet

Follow this link to the Google Sheet:

Make a copy of the sheet: Click “File” –> “Make a Copy”