2020 Zwift Academy Road Begins: All the Details on Workouts, Group Rides, Segments and Races

2020 Zwift Academy Road Begins: All the Details on Workouts, Group Rides, Segments and Races

The 2020 iteration of Zwift Academy Road for men and women is live. Here are all the detials on the workouts, group rides, segments and races.

Zwift Academy Graduation Requirements

First thing first, here are boxes do you need to check to graduate the Zwift Academy Road program:

  • Finish all eight Workouts on your own or with a group
  • Complete four other events (Zwift Academy group Rides, Segment Group Rides, or Races)
    • If you’re shooting for a pro contract you need to complete two Segment Group Rides and both races.

Complete all of that by November 25th to graduate.

Zwift Academy Workouts

You must complete all 8 of the listed Zwift Academy 2020 workouts in order to graduate the program. More details on each workout via the link.

  1. Aerobic Power (men’s link / women’s link)
  2. Sprint Profile (men’s link / women’s link)
  3. VO2 Capacity (men’s link / women’s link)
  4. Anaerobic Resilience (men’s link / women’s link)
  5. Primed FTP (men’s link / women’s link)
  6. Alternative Sprints (men’s link / women’s link)
  7. VO2 Development (men’s link / women’s link)
  8. Anaerobic Depletion (men’s link / women’s link)

Group Rides

Group rides for the Zwift Academy program are split into two categories per sex: men’s group rides are at either (A) 2.2-2.7 w/kg or (B) 1.7-2.2 w/kg while women’s group rides are at either (A) 1.7-2.2 w/kg or (B) 1.2-1.7 w/kg. You choose your group of choice at signup.

Group rides are scheduled by routes on the following dates:

  • France – R.G.V. (Oct 1-14)
  • Paris – Champs-Élysées (Oct 15-28)
  • Watopia – Figure 8 (Oct 29-Nov 11)
  • France – Casse-Pattes (Nov 12-25)

You can review course maps here.

Segment Group Rides

Segment group rides are new for the 2020 Zwift Academy. Segment Group Rides have participants compete over selected segments or the ride. The ride descriptions highlight which segment of the course are on the menu:


Races are not running yet. They begin October 22 and run through November 25. No categories for these races when it comes to watts/kilo, but the Richmond race does allow riders to select from two course lengths.

  • Richmond’s 2015 UCI Worlds
    • Cat A: 4 laps (64.8km)
    • Cat B: 2 laps (32.4km)
  • France’s La Reine