Vermont Glove - The Vermonter Glove Review

Discover the unmatched durability and craftsmanship of The Vermont Glove The Vermonter Goatskin Work Gloves. Engineered for longevity and dexterity.

Vermont Glove - The Vermonter Glove Review

There's a certain pride in owning something that's been meticulously crafted by generations of expertise, and The Vermont Glove The Vermonter Goatskin Work Gloves are no exception. Hailing from a boutique brand with over 100 years of history, these gloves are more than just a pair of hand protectors; they're a legacy of American craftsmanship.

Hand-sewn in Vermont with rugged goatskin leather, The Vermonter is designed with labor in mind, featuring an overbuilt design that caters to durability and functionality. Its unique construction—highlighted by external stitching, reinforced finger tips, and double-walled palms—ensures a fit that improves with every use. The gloves' bespoke features, like the vein protector and exclusive thumb construction, showcase a profound understanding of labor needs, making them a standout choice for hardworking individuals.

Yet, it's the glove's dexterity that truly impresses, offering remarkable flexibility and grip despite its sturdy build. The addition of suede overlays enhances this grip, proving invaluable in various work scenarios. While they may not offer much in terms of warmth or water resistance as-is, the option to wax them for added durability is a testament to their versatility.

So far I've put the gloves through their paces in the woodshop, running a chainsaw, doing yard work, and elsewhere and they haven't been anything but supremely comfortable and damn near bulletproof.

Vermont Glove - The Vermonter

Made of 100% goat leather, this hand-saving work glove is perfect for daily wear. Our signature Vermont Glove is equally at home braaping a chainsaw, weeding the roses or cracking a cold one after a long day of kicking ass. Tough work gloves made for men, women and everyone.

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The Vermonter isn't just a glove; it's a tool, one that respects the heritage of craftsmanship while embracing the needs of modern labor. With potential for years of reliable use, it's clear why these gloves are heralded as among the best in American-made workwear.