Pinarello Launches Dogma FS with Electronic Self-adjusting Suspension

Pinarello Launches Dogma FS with Electronic Self-adjusting Suspension

Pinarello has a new bike to launch ahead of Paris-Roubaix on Sunday, the Dogma FS, a road bike with a self-adjusting electronic full suspension system.

Dubbed the DSAS system, it is designed to self-adjust the new Dogma FS’s suspension to match the terrain it’s being ridden over.

Front end suspension is provided by a metal spring in the headset damped by an electro-hydraulic system that locks or unlocks automatically depending on riding conditions. The Onda fork has been adjusted to work with the suspension, Pinarello reduced its rake a little. It has also widened the head tube to fit the suspension system which allows up to 20mm of suspension travel.

Rear suspension of the Dogma FS is provided through the combination of chainstays with flex zones incorporated into their carbon lay-up coupled to a seatstay-mounted suspension system with 10mm of vertical travel.

Both front and rear systems are controlled by a smart battery pack that uses accelerometers to determine how much suspension is needed to smooth out the road. There’s also a rider interface that lets the rider adjust the settings manually if needed.

The Dogma FS is made of Torayca T1100 high modulus carbon and has clearance for 28mm tires. The bike will be available in four sizes:  53, 55, 56 and 57.5.

Team Sky will put the bike to test over Roubaix’s cobbles this Sunday.