One Man’s Trash Is Another Man’s Gym

“The perfect is the enemy of the good”

In the fitness world I often see people fall victim to the  Nirvana fallacy, in which people never even begin an important task because they feel reaching perfection is too hard. The fall victim to the idea that you must have the perfect equipment, the perfect routing, the perfect diet, the perfect supplements and the perfect Instagram appropriate gym outfit in order to get fit. If you feel you can’t get started on your fitness goals because things aren’t perfect, take a look at what Alcindo Soares has done on a beach in Santa Maria, Cape Verde.

Alcindo Soares is a construction worker from Cape Verde who grew up dreaming of becoming a professional athlete. With no access to an indoor gym, he works out on the beach every day. One day while working out, he noticed that garbage kept washing up on the shore. So he decided to pick it up, and use it to build a free beach gym for everyone. What was once a pile of refuse is now a fully functional outdoor exercise center.

Alcindo’s homemade gym is  amazing.  His story is a perfect example that it doesn’t always take  financial investment or tons of resources to better your life and the lives of others around you.  His creativity and willingness to share his work with the community  make Alcindo Soares a truly inspirational figure. More-so  than any perfect fitness model peddling the detox tea of the week on Instagram.

What’s it take to get fit? Hard work, grit and resourcefulness. Much good can be accomplished with little or nothing in the fitness world. Elaborate gyms with climbing walls and juice bars are not required. Still not sure, go tour a local prison. If you are creative and willing to work hard, you will always find a way to accomplish your goals and get things done.