Nuun has a New Drink for Athletes Who Want to Sleep Better

Nuun has a New Drink for Athletes Who Want to Sleep Better

Nuun is my go to for keeping my hydration and electrolytes in the black during rides. Now, they have a new product for athletes looking to get better sleep called  Rest.

Rest falls in-line with all of Nuun’s other products, all ingredients are plant-based, it’s very low-sugar and includes electrolytes for hydration. What’s new here is that Nuun Rest is formulated to be taken at bedtime as opposed to during a ride or other strenuous activity.

To promote sleep, Rest includes magnesium and tart cherry extract powder. Nuun cites research that suggests magnesium helps to manage stress during exercise and that athletes excrete a lot of it during activity. Tart cherry has been shown to reduce post workout soreness and have anti-inflammatory effects. Tart cherry has also been show to increase exogenous melatonin levels, and we all know what that’s good for.

Each Rest tablet includes 300 milligrams of magnesium and 200 milligrams of whole tart cherry powder extract. Also included is 100 milligrams of potassium, good for reducing muscle cramping.

Nuun Rest comes in blackberry vanilla and lemon chamomile flavors.