New Garmin Goodies: Edge 130, Edge 520 Plus, and Varia Radar

Garmin took advantage of Sea Otter hype to launch some new offerings today, including the Edge 130, the Edge 520 plus, and an update to its Varia rear radar system.

Edge 130

The Edge 130 is an all new unit. It’s got a small footprint (1.8-inch display), but still packs in a lot of features found in Garmin’s larger units.  It uses GPS, GLONASS, and Galileo satellites to provide accurate positioning. The unit also has a built-in barometer and a new  weather page to give you a heads-up on changing conditions. The unit has the ability to store routes and can even guide you back to your starting location. The unit is Varia-compatible and has a feature that notifies a predetermined contact should you crash.

The unit can be had for $200; bundle options are available for $250.

Edge 520 Plus

The Edge 500 line gets an update. The Edge 520 Plus comes with many of the features found in Garmin’s high-end computers including; Garmin Cycle Map, rider-to-rider messaging, and incident detection. The new computer also has turn-by-turn navigation and can warn riders of sharp corners.

TrainingPeaks Connect IQ comes loaded on the device which puts workouts right on the device. The latest version of Strava Live Segments is available too.  Garmin says you can expect 15-hours of battery life.

The unit costs $280, and bundle options range from $330 to $380.

Varia RTL510 rearview radar

The Varia has gotten a makeover. The biggest change is the new vertical design which gives riders better leg clearance. The unit alerts riders to approaching vehicles from behind (up to 153 yards) with a visible and audible alert. And the unit itself features a tail light that is visible up to a mile away.

Garmin says the unit will run for 15 hours in day flash mode, and 6 hours in night flash or solid mode.

The Varia costs $200, and a bundle option that includes a display unit costs $300.