Keegan Swenson Sets New 'Everesting' Record

Keegan Swenson Sets New 'Everesting' Record
Stan's-Pivot Pro Team's Keegan Swenson wins the Whiskey Off Road Pro 50-mile cross country mountain bike race by over six mnutes in Prescott Sunday, April 28. (Les Stukenberg/Courier)

XC World Cup cyclist Keegan Swenson has broken the “Everesting” record just a week after Phil Gaimon set the new standard. Keegan ascended 8,848 meters in just seven hours, 40 minutes a full 12 minutes faster than Gaimon.

Yesterdays Everest FKT attempt was definitely one of the hardest things I’ve ever done on a bike. On par with White Rim for sure!

Here’s some nerdy stuff for y’all that are interested: Total distance/elevation 104.5 miles and 29,680ft (I corrected the elevation on Strava). The segment I picked (“Gate to first switch” on Pine Canyon road) 1.82 miles long, started at about 5900 and finished around 6900ft (1023ft exactly) and it averaged 11% with a max gradient of 22.9%. It took about 13-14.5min and I tried to average about 270-280w each rep.

Then I’d flip around and rip that same segment, fastest descent was 2:10 and my max speed was 58.6 mph (sorry Tanya Swenson). Huge thank you to everyone that donated to Bike MS and to everyone that came out to support Ryan Standwich and I! Also, massive thank you to my parents who were out there from 8am till 5pm handing out bottles and food for us!! Could not have done it without you guys.

–  Keegan Swenson, Instagram