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Phil Gaimon sets record for fastest-ever ‘Everesting’ attempt1 min read

Phil Gaimon set a new record for the fastest ever ‘Everesting’ yesterday. The retired Garmin-Sharp rider repeated Mountaingate Ridge Road, north of Los Angeles, to tick off the necessary 8,848m of ascent in a time quicker 8 hours 29 minutes, the previous record by Tobias Lestrall.

Gaimon rode a little over 60 continuous reps of the 920m-long and 146.3m-tall climb. Gaimon clocked a time of 8 hours 4 minutes 6 seconds, taking the record. Gaimon had an average speed of 19.4kmh for the full ride, despite almost 9,000m of vertical ascent and a total of 156km covered.

His Strava posts shows 259 watts average, a steady 300 watts on every ascent.

Gaimon’s efforts on Mountaingate Road were for a good cause: raising money for the  No Kids Go Hungry charity.

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