Eating Processed Foods Linked to Shorter Life Span

Eating Processed Foods Linked to Shorter Life Span
Instant noodles, breakfast cereal and chicken nuggets may be delicious, but they are also associated with an earlier death.

Eating highly processed foods could shorten your life, a new study suggests.

According to a  study in JAMA Internal Medicine  eating highly processed foods may shorten your life. The study tracked diet and health over eight years in more than 44,000 French men and women.  About 29-percent of their energy intake was ultra-processed foods.

Ultra-processed foods include prepared foods like instant noodles, canned soups, breakfast cereal, energy bars and drinks, chicken nuggets and many other ready-made meals and snacks manufactured using industrial processes.

Over the course of the study there were 602 deaths mostly from cancer and cardiovascular disease. After adjusting for health, socioeconomic and behavioral characteristics the study found that for every 10 percent increase in ultra-processed food consumption, there was a 14 percent increase in the risk of death.

Not the most surprising study result ever, but a good reminder that we should try to eat whole foods as often as possible and that moderation is king.