Dynaplug Racer Tubeless Tire Repair Kit

The Dynaplug Racer is a tubeless tire repair kit meant to seal tubeless tire punctures that are too large for sealant to seal. The tool deposits a plug into the cut or puncture, which fills the hole. The plug essentially becomes part of the tire and you can carry on riding without having to go through the pain of throwing a tube in.

Dynaplug Racer Design

Most tubeless tire repair kits use a tool with an attachment that looks like a little fork to deposit a bacon shaped piece of rubber plug material into the tire. The tool is then removed and reused.

The Dynaplug Racer does things a little different. The innovative design combines a piercing element and plug into one consumable product, a brass or aluminium bullet tip attached to a viscoelastic rubber-impregnated cord.

The plug is housed in a hollow stainless steel shaft on one end of the tool. The whole end is inserted into the tire and then pulled out, leaving the plug stuck in the tire. The cord plug bonds with the tire and sealant to fix the puncture. Once sealed, you can trim the excess of leave it to wear away over time. On my test runs I left the excess until I got home, trimmed it down with nail clippers and now the plugs are darn near impossible to find when looking at the tires.

Dynaplug offers several versions of its tubeless tire repair system, each optimized for different types of riding. The Racer is Dynaplug’s most streamlined and light option at just 90mm long, 12mm wide and weighing in at just 23 grams. Because it’s small, the Racer only holds two plugs. This should be plenty for most any race applications.

Should the regular plug fail to seal a puncture, the other end of the Racer tool holds Dynaplug’s Megaplug which has a blunt aluminum tip and woven rubber cord which is three times the thickness of the normal plug.

Dynaplug Racer Review

The Dynaplug Racer is a very well made tool, almost overly so. The body of the tool is machined from a solid billet of 6061 aluminum and the shafts that house the plugs are made from stainless steel. In hand, the Racer feels very sturdy despite its tiny size and will undoubtedly last a very long time. The build definitely helps in stomaching the Dynaplug Racer’s price.

At $47.99, the Dynaplug Racer is one of the most expensive tubeless tire repair kits on the market. Checking all the boxes; well-built, small and lightweight comes at a price.

Out on the road, the system works very well. The action of inserting a plug into a puncture is easy and immediately effective. The tool is so small and light, that you can easily carry it in a jersey pocket or add it to a saddle bag. I kept it alongside a mini pump in my jersey throughout testing.

The only small annoyance I had with the Dynaplug Racer is that both ends of the tool look identical when closed. For normal racing it isn’t a big deal, when I’m fumbling around on race day trying to get back in the action I don’t want to open the Megaplug side if I don’t need to. Easy enough to fix with a dab of nail polish on one end.

All said, the Dynaplug Racer really delivers. It’ll be tagging along with me on race day moving forward, whenever that may be…

You can pickup a Dynaplug Racer direct from Dynaplug for $47.99.