Brooks England Cambium Organic Light

Saddles are highly personal pieces of equipment, but the Brooks Cambium is on of my two all-time favorite saddles — the other is an ISM Adamo (hugely different I know). For a long distance tour or race though it’d be the Cambium. And Brooks just released a new update to the line.

Brooks’ recently updated the Cambium to be vegan-friendly with vulcanized rubber. Making the saddle weather-proof and more wear-proof. Now, with their Organic Light variation, the saddle just got a lot more attractive.

Previous parts of the undercarriage have been replaced with a new material called Liquid Wood, “an ingenious biopolymer made completely from surplus materials that are 100% biodegradable”.

Most importantly, the Organic Light is available in several colorways; Natural, Brick, Green, and Rust. The C15 and C19 are only available in Natural. The Organic Light Cambium is available from Brooks Dealers and online for $150.

Brooks England Cambium Organic Light 4 Brooks England Cambium Organic Light 5 Brooks England Cambium Organic Light 6 Brooks England Cambium Organic Light 7

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