Brooks Introduces All-Weather Carbon Cambium Saddle 1

Brooks Introduces All-Weather Carbon Cambium Saddle

The Brook Cambium is an outstanding saddle with one minor issue that pops up if you ride in the rain. The materials can wear and the colors fade very quickly when wet.

Brooks has addressed that problem, with the all-weather version of the Cambium saddle. The carbon framed saddle uses waterproof nylon on its vulcanized natural rubber (as opposed to cotton) for added durability. The saddle should perform well in every condition from freezing rain to dry sunny days. Additionally, the updated fiberglass reinforced back plate has loops for a saddle bag.

Brooks has the all-weather carbon cambiums in stock, with 132mm and 145mm widths, as well as carved options available. The saddles weigh in at approximately 280 grams (metal-railed Cambium is 405 grams) and retail for $220.

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