ZwiftQuest Turns Virtual Training Into Adventures in Orienteering

Zwift is a godsend, combined with a smart-trainer it turned one of the worst things in the world — indoor cycling — into something I truly enjoy. Mindlessly spinning circles in front of the TV has become an engaging and much more effective form of training. Gamification works, my late-winter FTP is all the proof I need.

Recently, I’ve found a new way to lose track of time on my bike in Zwift.  ZwiftQuest is a new series of orienteering race events that send you — alone, in pairs or teams — around Watopia or the other courses in search of checkpoints. It’s a great new twist on racing in Zwift as it relies not on power and speed alone to determine the winner but on navigation and planning skill as well.

As you set out to hit all the checkpoints in the least amount of time, you start to find creative new ways to get around the courses. Winning requires the right combination of u-turns, power-ups, and even bike swaps to secure a win. It’s definitely a fun new take on indoor training and yet another way to keep Zwift fresh. There’s even an active Facebook page just for swapping tips and strategies.