Zwift Teases a New World

Zwift teased us with a new world yesterday, pushing a video through its social media channels.

The video, from the perspective of passengers on a train, teases with a “Next stop, ???” What’s the next stop?

Well, inside the train there’s a map which includes Watopia, Richmond, London, New York and France. The stops are ordered the date of the world’s release in the game. The label on the final stop says “An Anceint Land” which is also echoed in the audio announcement made by the train conductor. The Ancient Land hint tied to the colors of the map appearring to match those of the Tokya Games makes me about 99.9% certain we’ll be seeing Tokyo in Zwift soon. Now, will we see the Tokyo Olympics couse in part or in whole? Maybe a jaunt up Mount Fuji is in our future?

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