Discover What’s New on Zwift This Summer 2024: Climbs, Features, and More!

Get ready for summer with Zwift’s 2024 updates! From the challenging new climb, "The Grade," to enhanced HUD features and special Tour de France events, learn how these upgrades can elevate your indoor cycling experience.

Discover What’s New on Zwift This Summer 2024: Climbs, Features, and More!

Zwift, the popular virtual training platform, is not just for the winter months anymore. It's becoming an integral part of many cyclists' training regimens year-round, and the upcoming features and content developments for summer 2024 are tailored to reflect this growing trend. Here’s a detailed look at what’s rolling out, ensuring your indoor rides remain as compelling and effective as those on outdoor trails.

The Grade – A New Benchmark in Virtual Climbing

Launching in June 2024, "The Grade" is set to revolutionize how FTP (Functional Threshold Power) is measured. This climb, taking 10-25 minutes to complete, is designed based on data from hundreds of thousands of FTP tests. Positioned in the picturesque virtual setting of Ciudad de La Cumbre, it features a steady incline of about 10-12%, leading up to the challenging switchbacks towards the Epic KOM. This climb is not just for those wanting to test their FTP; it's also integrated into regular routes, offering a new challenge to everyday workouts without compromising your current FTP scores.

HUD and Interface Enhancements

This summer, Zwift’s Heads-Up Display (HUD) is getting a major overhaul. The updates are aimed at making the interface more intuitive and customizable, catering to the individual needs of users. Expect enhancements like the dynamic elevation 'Climb Mode' display, which shows upcoming gradients, and a zone distribution bar that visually represents time spent in different intensity zones. These features will help cyclists better manage their efforts during rides.

My List – Streamlining Your Training Choices

The "My List" feature, slated for release in spring 2024, promises to streamline the workout selection process. Through the Zwift Companion app, users will be able to queue up to 25 workouts or rides in advance, significantly reducing setup time and letting you jump straight into action.

Training Connections – Seamless Integration

With the new training API, Zwift is enhancing its compatibility with third-party platforms like TrainingPeaks. This feature, launching early summer 2024, will allow for seamless integration of customized training plans right into Zwift, making it easier for riders to follow specific regimens prescribed by their coaches or training programs.

Celebrating the Tour de France

Zwift continues to celebrate its partnership with the Tour de France by featuring iconic climbs and themed content throughout the Tour. This year, the platform will highlight eight famous climbs, complete with virtual events and challenges that mimic the real-world race conditions, bringing the excitement of the Tour de France into your home.

Empowering Women’s Cycling – Watch the Femmes

The "Watch the Femmes" initiative is gaining momentum as Zwift commits to supporting and growing women’s cycling. This includes special events and community rides that coincide with the Tour de France Femmes, offering themed workouts and races that promote female participation and visibility in the sport.

Each of these updates and features not only enhances the Zwift experience but also solidifies its status as a versatile and essential tool for cyclists of all levels, all year round. Whether you’re training for competitive events or just looking to stay fit, Zwift’s new features will keep you engaged and motivated.