Zwift Norseman 2020 Series Announced

Zwift Norseman 2020 Series Announced

Zwift just announced the 2020 Norseman series – a 6-week ride and run training series culminating with the weeklong Norseman Festival of Climbing. As COVID-19 led to the cancellation of the real-life Norseman race, this is THE Norseman experience for 2020.


Ready to ride Norseman? Time to prove it. This isn’t your typical race—not just anybody can do it. This is a no-nonsense, extreme race that chews people up and leaves them in the cold. It’s next-level stuff. This six-week training series is chock-full of group workouts, rides, runs, and races, designed to prepare you for the challenge of our in-game Norseman, but only if you put the work in. So say hello to events that’ll get your heart racing and blood pumping—and put your fitness to the test.


The series will boast a number of races, as well as runs, rides, and workouts, over its six-week duration. Dig deep during races and see if you’ve got what it takes to tackle a Norseman-level challenge.

During these events you will get to wear the Norseman custom black kit. On the weekend oif August 1st and 2nd, during the Festival of Climbing, you will be able to unlock it permanently as well as having the opportunity to win an entry to next year’s race.


Norseman is a tribute to triathlon, where you bring your best friends and family to join the party. You bring them as your support. As your safe haven. You join together as a team, where your best friend is the one handing you the bottle that helps you up another climb.And when you get to the finish line, whether it’s on Gaustatoppen or Gaustablikk, your hard work and effort will get rewarded—with our approval of your success and a T-shirt.But most important of all, you can claim the title of a true triathlete: You are a Norseman.

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