Zwift is Trying Out Some Pace Partner Changes

Zwift is Trying Out Some Pace Partner Changes

Following the addition of dynamic pacing to Watopia’s C. Cadence, Zwift is making further changes to Pace Partners starting Sunday, May 16th.

They will be temporarily removing the current 4 Pace Partners from Makuri Islands. The existing Pace Partners in Watopia will remain.

In addition, Zwift will be adding 3 new, temporary FutureWorks Pace Partners in Watopia, intended to bring additional paces and fill pacing gaps that exist. They will each weigh 75kg and have a height of 175cm. Their names, paces and routes will be:

  • Dorothy Duster who will ride at 1.15w/kg
  • Diego Duke who will ride at 1.8w/kg
  • Danny Draft who will ride at 2.15w/kg

The routes for all 7 Pace Partners will change on a weekly basis.

None of these Pace Partners will use Dynamic Pacing and will therefore hold the same pace regardless of terrain. C. Cadence will continue to be the only Pace Partner to use Dynamic Pacing.

Nice to see some new options to fill the gaps. The existing pace partners are rated at 1.5w/kg, 2.5w/kg, 3.2w/kg, and 4.2w/kg and it’s a pretty big jump between them. Hopefully, this leads to some good changes higher in the w/kg pace partners, that 3.2 to 4.2 gap is particularly tough.