Zwift Goes to Austria with Innsbruck-Tirol UCI World Championships Course

Zwift Goes to Austria with Innsbruck-Tirol UCI World Championships Course

This September the UCI World Championships will be held in the Innsbruck-Tirol region, you can get a head start on your training right now on Zwift.

The new course is based on the 24km Olympic Lap pros will loop around 7 times for the men’s race and 3 times for the women’s. The Zwift course is designed to be as lifelike as possible, including the 7.9km climb with a average gradient of 5.9%.

The course includes real landmarks like the  Kufstein Castle, Ötztal Area 47 adventure park, the Old Town of Rattenberg, the Swarovski Crystal Worlds Giant, and the Olympic Ski Jump in Innsbruck.


The New Routes

  • UCI Worlds Short Lap:  The primary loop of the 2018 UCI Road World Championships race. 14.7 miles // 23.7 km long,  Ride up and over the challenging climbs to Igls and then finish on a fast and flat circuit through downtown Innsbruck. Total elevation gain of 1622 ft // 494 m.
  • Achterbahn:  That’s German for rollercoaster, and aptly named. Hit the KOM and sprint in both directions. Start with a reverse ascent of the Igls climb before looping back into town and then climbing up to Igls again in the forward direction. This route covers 29.4 mi // 47.4 km with 3244 ft // 988 m of climbing.
  • Innsbruckring:  A racer’s playground, this flat and fast route traverses the interior around Innsbruck for as many laps as you can handle. One lap is 5.5 mi // 8.8 km with an easy 252 ft // 77 m of elevation.
  • Lutscher:  Grab a pastry in town then head for the mountains on this “lollipop” route of 15 mi // 24.2 km with 2715 ft // 827 m of climbing. Ride and you’ll complete repeated clockwise loops of the 2018 UCI Course’s primary climb.
  • Lutscher CCW:  Same as the regular Lutscher route, only climbing the steeper backside of the Igls climb. 13.7 mi // 22.1 km and 2709 ft // 826 m of climbing.