Zwift Gives a Sneak Peek of its Upcoming Map Neokyo and New User Interface

Zwift Gives a Sneak Peek of its Upcoming Map Neokyo and New User Interface

Zwift held its first ever media event today (via Zoom) and showcased some of the things in the works for the remainder of 2021 and early 2022.

In brief:

  • Neokyo, a new map, is slated to launch in November
  • Clubs are coming
  • A new user interface is in the works


Neokyo, a bright, neon-lit, city based map is launching in November. This is Zwift’s second map in the Makuri Islands world.

It’s fairly similar to the New York map with one big exception, it’s very flat. This will be crit central. The map should connect to Yumezi, though, so you can get from the rural roads to the city without needing to switch worlds.


Zwift first introduced Clubs in 2019 as part of FutureWorks, later this year and heading into 2022, it will rollout to all users. The Club feature will give users the ability to create clubs and hold private rides and events.

Clubs creation will be limited to Level 20 cyclists or Level 10 runners.


Zwift shared some details on the new user interface its been putting together and it’s a big improvement. The new home page has been completely reworked to improve navigation, regardless of which platform you run Zwift on.

The top menu has quick access to the event calendar, route selection, and workouts. The top right of the menu also houses the pairing screen, badges, garage and your user profile.

The home page displays events you’re signed up for in the coming weeks, group rides you’ve been invited to and other events. Below that, in the “Just Ride” section are route suggestions and new routes to explore. Under the event calendar menu are events starting in the next 30-minutes. Clicking on an event brings up the event details page and the option to join the event.

The route selection menu has also been redesigned. Routes are now assigned a difficulty level based on distance and elevation and expected time to complete. You can also sort the routes on the page by name, duration, elevation, name, or difficulty.