Zwift Giant Crit Crushers Series

Zwift Giant Crit Crushers Series


Thinking about racing on Zwift? You’re in the right place. Racing is so fun and exciting, you barely realize that competing against fellow Zwifters is one of the best workouts you can get. 

The Giant Crit Crushers is ideal for new racers, thanks to its duration: short! It’s great for experienced competitors as well. Each race is between 10 and 15 minutes. 

And to double the fun, this series includes two races each week. Do both! They include a short break between the two. 


Back for its second year, Giant is helping out with this series of  back-to-back competitions perfect for riders of all levels. This race series is as simple as it is satisfying. 

Four weeks long. 

Eight races total.

And the finish line is fun.


All races are grouped by how many watts/kilogram (w/kg) Zwifters can average for the duration. Newbies should probably start out at group D (1 – 2.4 w/kg). The fastest of the fast should register for group A (4+ w/kg). If you’ve raced before, you probably know your category, but there’s more info here

There’s a race for everyone. And there’s a break between each race–usually a little more than ten minutes—so you can grab some water,  take a few breaths, and maybe even question your life choices: these might hurt! 🙂

Kidding aside, these breaks are also a great time to think strategy. How can you perform better? What can you learn from the last race? Did you use your PowerUps wisely?

The top 20 riders for each event earn points. Because more points means more fun.

One caveat: you need to be on ZwiftPower to earn points. Sign up well in advance. It’s free, but can take some time, so give yourself a few minutes.

ZwiftPower will level the playing field. If someone competes in the wrong category, they will not earn points. So be sure to choose well.
It’s all in the name of fairness, fitness, and fun. Get out there and crush your friends and your previous personal best. 


Most races will last for 13 minutes, give or take. If you haven’t raced before, be ready to go hard from the start. The fastest part of most races are the start and the finish. Get dropped early on and it’s all but impossible to catch up.

Even if you’re dropped, hang on. Due to the short duration, the end is in sight!

First-time racers benefit from a little preparation, by doing a bit of research. Give this a gander if you haven’t competed. 


You bet. This series is serving up four weeks of high-speed races across every level of ability.


Men will score the Giant jersey and women will snag the Liv jersey. 


Giant is the world’s leading brand of high-quality bicycles and cycling gear. Part of the Giant Group, founded in 1972, the brand combines craftsmanship, technology, and innovative design.

Giant has long been one of cycling’s main catalysts for change. They introduced lighter, stronger aluminum frames at a time when the industry standard was steel. They were first to make carbon fiber bikes widely available to the world, defining the look and feel of modern road racing bikes with Compact Road technology. 

Builders and innovators, Giant is a global community of cyclists. They’re athletes, adventurers,and advocates for cycling. We are Tour de France racers, singletrack explorers, neighbors, and friends.

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