Zwift Gets a New Mayan Jungle Course Expansion

Zwift, the online game that makes indoor cycling bearable, just rolled out an expansion to one of its courses on Thursday. Just in time for the threat of snow and cool weather to move my training inside.

The new course area, dubbed “Mayan Expansion,” is an add-on to the popular Watopia Island course. It takes users through a simulated Mexican jungle, complete with underground caves and the ruins of a lost civilization.

New Routes

Three new routes have been added which utilize the new jungle ruin roads:

  • Road to Ruins: ride out to the jungle loop, then back to the volcano flat and the start/finish banner. (30km/18.7 miles, 275m/905 €² of climbing)
  • Jungle Circuit: ride out to the jungle loop, then stay on the loop for as many laps as you would like (19.8km/12.3 miles, 200m/657 €² of climbing)
  • Big Loop: climb the epic KOM (no radio tower), descend to the jungle loop, then volcano flat back to the start/finish banner. (42.8km/26.6 miles, 663m/2175 €² of climbing)

Limited Release

Unlike Zwift’s previous add-ons, which were available to all players upon release, the Mayan Expansion is only unlocked for players who are Level 10 or higher. Lower-level riders can only access the new expansion by using the Ride With a Friend feature, or by joining an official Zwift event that goes through it.

Explore the Mayan Expansion’s length and elevation in the interactive maps below: