Zwift Finally Rolls Out World Choice €¦Kinda, Sorta

Zwift Finally Rolls Out World Choice €¦Kinda, Sorta

One of the most wanted features is finally live on Zwift. If you run Zwift on a Mac or PC (iOS/Android coming soon), you can now select which world (map) you’re going to ride. Sorta.

Let’s put it this way, you can choose your world as long as your choice matches up with the guest map calendar. What’s that mean?

The update allows you to always ride Watopia, aka Zwift Island, along with one secondary world of the day. The map of the day will rotate with the calendar just like before, except Watopia will never appear on it as it’s always available now.

Once you’ve made your selection of world, you can then choose any route within that world just like before. From there press ‘Go’ and you’re off and Zwifting.

That’s all fine and dandy, the next question I had was, does the old method of getting into any world still work? The answer is yes! So, if you want to ride Richmond all the time you can do that.