Zwift Finally Rolled Out a Return to Home Feature!

Finally! Zwift finally rolled out a fix to one of my biggest annoyances with the app. The ability to return to the home screen!

For the life of me, I cannot figure out how this took so long to implement, but I’ll take it. Up until the latest Zwift update, when you ended a session, Zwift closed the app entirely. If you accidentally started the wrong route, picked the wrong world or wanted to ride a route and then another in a single session, you had to wait around for Zwift to re-open, and pair your devices all over again.

In the latest Zwift update, Zwift quietly released a Return to Home Feature:

“Some of you eagle eyes noticed a little Easter egg in the latest game release. This Easter egg, an Exit Button on the home screen, was a nod to what we are slowly rolling out today: the Return to Home feature for PC and Mac platforms”

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