Zwift Doubles The Size of The Makuri Islands With The Addition of Neokyo Map

Zwift Doubles The Size of The Makuri Islands With The Addition of Neokyo Map

Zwift sent out an update today which opened the roads of Neokye, the first expansion to Zwift’s newest world, Makuri Islands. Neokyo expands upon the Yumezi map which dropped back in May. The expansion nearly doubles the size of the Makuri Islands. Remember, the end goal for Makuri Islands is that it be the second hub, alongside Watopia.

Neokyo expansion adds 8 new routes to the Makuri Islands:

RAILWAYS AND ROOFTOPS: Take to the upper city where you will race along city railways and rooftops. Distance: 3.8 mi // 6.1 km, Elevation Gain: 226 ft // 68.9 m

ROOFTOP RENDEZVOUS: Feel the burn as you climb to the top of Neokyo, scaling rooftops and monorails on the way. Distance: 2.3 mi // 3.7 km, Elevation Gain: 184.7 ft // 56.3 m 

NEON FLATS: Paint the town as you dominate three sprints along this flat route through the city. Distance: 9.1 mi // 14.7 km, Elevation Gain: 235.2 ft // 71.7 m 

SPRINTER’S PLAYGROUND: Keep that heart racing as you complete four sprints in a single route. Distance: 7.6 mi // 12.3 km, Elevation Gain: 221 ft // 67.4 m

NEOKYO ALL-NIGHTER: Explore everything that Neokyo has to offer including four sprints and a KOM along this challenging route. Distance: 15.1 mi // 24.3 km, Elevation Gain: 548.9 ft // 167.3 m

SLEEPLESS CITY: Make your way through the heart of the city as you wind along this fast route. Distance: 5.9 mi // 9.5 km, Elevation Gain: 138.8 ft // 42.3 m

WANDERING FLATS: This long flatter route will take you from the scenic countryside to the bustling city. Distance: 15.5 mi // 25.0 km, Elevation Gain: 477.7 ft // 145.6 m

TEMPLES AND TOWERS: From downtown rooftops to mystical temples, grind to complete three KOM’s in a single route. Distance: 20.2 mi // 32.5 km, Elevation Gain: 1043.3 ft // 318 m