Zwift: Cervélo Gravel Rush Series Announced

Zwift: Cervélo Gravel Rush Series Announced

The Mid South may not have just been the first major gravel event of the year, it may have been the last for quite some time. With the world practicing social distancing,  Zwift has just announced a new and well-timed event series: the “Cervélo Gravel Rush Series”. This four-event series happens on Thursdays beginning March 26th and ending April 16th:

Dirt is the name of the game in the Cervélo Gravel Rush Series. A first-of-its-kind event series, we’re focusing on gravel and mixed-terrain routes to showcase Zwift’s selection of in-game, off-road bikes. Different bikes have different advantages, with distinct ways of handling rolling resistance and aerodynamics.

The series will run for four weeks in total. During the first three, we’ll assign specific bikes to Zwifters. Ride it out. These distinct bikes might affect the dynamic of the event, bringing forth different tactics than a typical ride. See if you can feel the differences in how the bikes react in-game. In the fourth and final week, riders can choose their bike in a Battle-of-the-Bikes situation on the Road to Ruins. Head to the Drop Shop to equip a Cervélo Áspero, R5 or any other bike.

Knock out any event to unlock the special in-game Cervélo kit. Feel like taking the ride outdoors? Finish all four events, and you’ll be entered to win a real-life Cervélo  Ãspero complete bike!

The Cervélo Gravel Rush Series will be streamed on  Zwift Live  with commentary from Nathan Guerra. His energy is more than a match for what you’ll see out on the dirt.

It all kicks off March 26.


  • Complete any one of the events to score the stylish in-game Cervélo kit.


  • Ride all four events  and you’ll be entered to win a Cervélo  Ãspero bike that you can take outside*. Learn more about the  Cervélo  Ãspero here.

Official Rules here

*The CervéloÁspero prize may differ slightly from the image shown based on stock availability.


Nope. This is all about trying out new types of bikes and seeing how they perform over mixed terrain. You into gravel bikes? Road bikes? Join the fun and find a new favorite. But be warned: some will ride this series as fast as they can. If you’re into a challenge, you may find yourself riding just as hard as you would in a race. In the end, the choice is yours.


  • Week 1: Thursday, March 26:
    • Bike: Cervélo  Ãspero (Gravel bike)
    • Route:  Road to Ruins
    • Laps:  1
    • Miles: 18.4 miles (29.6km)
    • Elevation: 902’ (275m)
  • Week 2: Thursday, April 2:
    • Bike:  Cervélo  Ãspero (Gravel bike)
    • Route:  Jungle Circuit
    • Laps:  2 + lead-in
    • Total Miles:  13.3 miles (21.4km)
    • Elevation:  542’ (165m)
  • Week 3: Thursday, April 9:
    • Bike:  Cervélo R5 (Road Bike)
    • Route:  Road to Ruins Reverse
    • Laps:  1
    • Miles: 18.4 miles (29.6km)
    • Elevation: 902’ (275m)
  • Week 4: Thursday, April 16:
    • Bike:  Battle of the Bikes (Choose your Weapon)
    • Route:  Road to Ruins
    • Laps:  1
    • Miles: 18.4 miles (29.6km)
    • Elevation: 902’ (275m)



For more than two decades, the goal at Cervélo has been simple: Design and engineer the world’s fastest bikes. Whether you’re a Grand Tour racer, IRONMAN champion, age-grouper, or Saturday morning enthusiast, they know you demand the best in order to achieve your personal best – and they’re passionate about helping you get there.

Learn more about  Cervélo Cycles.


Results for the Cervélo Gravel Rush event series will be available on  Zwift Power. Please register on Zwift Power ahead of the rides, and be sure to opt-in at the bottom of your  connections panel in My Zwift.


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