Zwift Appears to Have a Smart Bike and Direct Drive Trainer on the Way

Zwift Appears to Have a Smart Bike and Direct Drive Trainer on the Way

It appears there is a Zwift bike & Zwift trainer heading our way. A hardware survey hit my inbox and the long rumored Zwift branded training equipment is getting real.

The survey featured two new Zwift products, a full blown smart bike called the Zwift Ride and a direct drive trainer called the Zwift Wheel. Notably, the Zwift Wheel can be upgraded to a Zwift Ride.

Features of the Zwift Wheel:

  • Max power of 2,200w
  • Accuracy of +/- 1%
  • Downhill acceleration (accelerates the flywheel when descending)
  • 25% Gradient simulation
  • Terrain simulation – guessing this is a rumble feature
  • Z Cog – not sure what that means but sounds like it’s the ability to have virtual shifting

Additional features for Zwift Ride:

  • Handlebar controls built-in (steering, braking, and game controls)
  • “immersive lighting”
  • Rotate the bike upwards/vertically to save space
  • Designed to fit riders 5′ to 6’6” (152cm to 198cm)
  • Multiple crank lengths

There’s a lot left to be seen here, but I’m very torn.

On one hand, the up-gradable design is very cool and the ability to do virtual shifting on the direct drive trainer would be awesome (most of the sound on a direct drive is chain alignment and shifting).

On the other hand, why does this thing have a full size front wheel? The foot-print is going to be huge. A big feature of moving to a full-blown smart bike is the saved space. I’m also not sold on the look, it’s a bit loud.