Zwift Announces The Black Celebration Series

Zwift Announces The Black Celebration Series

Zwift has announced the launch of The Black Celebration Series (BCS), a year-long initiative to, “celebrate the history, athletes, heritage, and joy the Black community brings to Zwift from around the world.”

There series starts in February and will run for a full 12 months. All BCS events will be held in the Zwift New York world.

Events will include special guest such as Nelson Vails, Ama Nsek, Rahsaan Bahati, and Aisha Praught-Leer, as well as community leaders from the Black Cyclist Network and Level Up Movement.

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What is the Black Celebration Series?

The Black Celebration Series is an invitation for members of the Black community and allies alike to join our year-long series of events highlighting the history, athletes, heritage, and joy this community brings to Zwift from around the world. With group rides and runs led by featured athletes, we are creating an inclusive environment that empowers and uplifts the community as a whole.

What type of events are these and when are they?

These events will all be group rides or runs. Ride leaders will keep between 1.5 – 2w/kg along the Mighty Metropolitan route in New York with the event lasting for one hour. Runs will be along the Grand Central Circuit and will cover a distance of 6.8km/4.2mi. Find a group at a comfortable pace to ride or run with in support of the Black community.

What is the LA Bicycle Academy?

Los Angeles Bicycle Academy (LABA) is a youth education program, community bike shop and youth cycling team with a mission to empower, educate and develop entrepreneurial and leadership skills with boys and girls aged 8-18. LABA’s cycling team seeks to expand the capabilities of youth from communities where exposure and access to the sport of cycling and lifestyle are limited.

For more information, follow them on Facebook and Instagram.

How can I help to support LA Bicycle Academy?

LA Bicycle Academy welcomes donations through this link.

What else is Zwift doing to progress Diversity and Inclusion?

Zwift is committed to progressing diversity and inclusion within the game, within the organization, and within the larger Zwift community. Learn more about our efforts here