Zipp 303 Firecrest Tubeless Disc Brake Wheelset gets Lighter, Wider and Cheaper

Zipp’s most popular wheel, the 303, has received a huge makeover at the Firecrest level. The wheelset has shed 300 grams, now weighing a claimed 1,355 grams. It’s also faster with a 5mm shallower rim depth of 40mm. Plus, it accommodates wider tires thanks to its 25mm internal rim width. The best part, the new 303 Firecrest has a slashed price tag of $1,900, $600 cheaper than before. It even got a new logo.

The Zipp 303 Firecrest wheelset is the first to incorporate TSE Technology. TSE stands for Total System Efficiency, and it’s all about taking a more holistic approach to wheel design. TSE combines four elements of rim design; aerodynamics, gravity (weight), rolling resistance and vibration loss.

Aerodynamics have improved thanks o a smoother transition between rim and tire. Gravity by way of a 300 gram weight loss. The latter two aspects of TSE are improved thanks to a new hookless rim design, which means the wheelset is also tubeless only. The rim has a more bulbous profile which allows the tire to sit on the it wide, meaing less tire deflection, a shorter tire contact patch and thus less rolling resistance. Vibration is also decreased thanks to higher volume tires being run at lower pressures.

The new Zipp 3030 Firecreset wheelset also gets updated hubs. The ZR1 DB features 66 points of engagement for quick response and a better seal for increased durability.

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