You Can Save a Lot of Money on a Great Smart Bike Trainer Today

We’re in the long winter months now. Snow isn’t melting, the side of the road is layered with salt and gravel and temperatures are in the single digits. Time to log some good base miles on the indoor trainer. Pop one of these in front of your TV and get to work. My current plan, watch all 2 days and 15 hours of Game of Thrones before the final season starts up in April.

If you don’t have a trainer, or you haven’t gotten on board with a smart trainer yet, the Kinetic Road Machine Smart Bike trainer is currently on sale at both eBay  ($229) and Amazon  ($259). Seeing as it’s smart, you can jump on Zwift, TrainerRoad or one of the other of a multitude of services out there and make your training a little more interesting and valuable.

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