Wolf Tooth Components EnCase System Hides All the Tools Inside Flat or Drop Bars

Wolf Tooth Components EnCase System Hides All the Tools Inside Flat or Drop Bars

When you’re far from home and something breaks, you have to have the right tool for the job. Or your left hoping your phone has service. Not having to assemble a toolkit and package it for each ride is a bonus. While there are plenty of systems out there which hid a toolkit in a flat bar, until yet nothing has worked in a drop bar. Wolf Tooth Components is looking to change that with its new EnCase system.

Flexible Storage Sleeves

Whether a flat bar or drop bar, bars are not ubiquitous. Interior dimensions and finish varies. Because of that, WTC created a system which allows for a wide range of adjust-ability while still holding the tools securely in place to prevent rattling.

The storage sleeve design they came up with is a customizable system with replaceable rubber flaps. The rubber flaps are connected to end caps which are pushed into the end of the bar and are removable without tools.

As for tools. The end caps themselves house either a chainlink or a presta to schrader adapter with a spare valve core. The sleeve itself can house a Hex Bit Wrench or Chain Tool + Tire Plug. Some larger drop bars will require the included Drop Bar Fit Kit.

Hex Bit Wrench

The first option for storing inside the storage sleeves is the Hex Bit Wrench, a 14 function tool. The tool includes 8 different bits which are held in place with a combination of magnets and o-rings. The tool has a swivel head and can be used as an L-wrench or straight.

Chain Tool + Tire Plug

On the other side of your bar, you can store a chain tool plus tire plugging tool. The tool is compatible with 8-12 speed chains with a hardened chain pin, you will need a 4mm allen wrench to operate the chain tool. The Tire Plug tool is a standard needle design. The tool includes 5 ‘bacon’ strips.

Wolf Tooth Components EnCase Packages

You can purchase everything separately, or you can buy everything together as the Bar Kit One. The Bar Kit One includes the storage sleeves, Hex Bit Wrench, and Chain Tool + Tire Plug, and it sells for $119.95. Individually, the products sell for $49.95 for each tool plus $34.95 for the storage sleeves.


  • 14 functions (spoke wrench; valve core wrench; flat head #3.5; Phillips #2; 2mm, 2.5mm, 3mm, 4mm, 5mm, 6mm, and 8mm hex; and T10, T25, and T30 Torx)
  • Magnets & O-rings keep all parts in place
  • Ball detent swivel head helps access hard-to-reach places
  • Handle doubles as breaker bar when ball detent swivel head is bent for extra torque
  • Store in handlebar with a Wolf Tooth EnCase „¢ Storage Sleeve (sold separately)
  • Magnet on bottom end of tool allows for storage on steel bike stands (or refrigerators)


  • Compatible with all bicycle chains including 12-speed
  • Inserter tool and bacon strips plug holes in tubeless tires
  • Five strips included; refills available
  • Hardened steel pin for lifetime durability
  • Requires 4mm hex for chain tool driver


  • Bonus storage space – fits a presta-to-schrader adapter and valve core or a master link (both sold separately)
  • Vibration-damping material and snug fit prevents rattling
  • Durable precision-machined aluminum end caps
  • Custom fit rubber flap can be trimmed to fit in smaller diameter bars
  • Included Drop Bar Fit Kit to customize fit for larger-diameter road handlebars


  • Fits most standard mountain handlebars and most drop bars (except ergonomic drop bars that have hard angles in the drops)


  • Weight:
    • EnCase System Bar Kit One: 132g
    • EnCase System Hex Bit Wrench Multi-tool: 50g
    • EnCase System Chain + Tire Plug Multi-tool: 46g
    • EnCase System Storage Sleeves: 36g
  • Material:
    • Hex Bit Wrench Multi-Tool: 7075 aluminum, CrV steel
    • Chain + Tire Plug Multi-Tool: 7075 aluminum, CrMo steel
    • Storage Sleeves: EPDM rubber, 6061 aluminum


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