Why It’s Almost Impossible to Ride a Bike 60 Kilometers in One Hour

Wired takes a look at the Hour Record and why it’s almost impossible to ride a bike 60km in an hour.  Of all the ways people can torture themselves on a bike, this has to be the worst. The head game alone would do me in.

The hour record is the most distinguished, and most difficult record in bicycling. It is different from all other records in that it is measured in meters, and not in minutes and seconds. How long a distance can you ride in exactly an hour? That is a question many famous riders, over the years, have tried to answer precisely. [The Impossible Hour]

The hour record for cycling is very simple. It’s just one rider going as far as possible for one hour. WIRED’s Robbie Gonzalez explores the physical power needed to push for 60 minutes and the equipment and track choices that can make or break the record.

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