Whiskey Run

Whiskey Run

Through overwhelming community support, local political advocacy and the cooperation of a once-reluctant land manager, the Whiskey Run Trail system went in with record speed. Already, over ten miles of singletrack dodge back and forth under a shaded canopy of fir, spruce and alder, and if you stop long enough to smell the blooming rhododendron, you can even hear the waves rolling into shore.

With plans to weave another twenty miles of trail through these coastal forests – incorporating jump lines and ocean views, Coos County has all intentions of making the Whiskey Run Trail network a must-ride destination for anyone cruising up or down the coast.

The network is up on Trailforks now, so be sure to get out there and ride it if youâ ‚¬ „¢re in the area!

Rider: Jason Fitzgibbon
Director: Octave Zangs & Jason Fitzgibbon
Cinematography/Editing/Color Grading/Sound Design: Octave Zangs
Original Soundtrack: â ‚¬Å“Whiskey Runâ ‚¬  by Octave Zangs

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