What it Took for Ted King to Win the Dirty Kanza

What it Took for Ted King to Win the Dirty Kanza

Ted King  rode his way to a second Dirty Kanza win over the weekend. Kansas was brutally hot, humid and windy, but despite the conditions King went solo at 40 miles from the finish and stayed off the front for the win.

King’s first victory came in 2016 when he went solo with close to 100 miles to go. Last year he punctured several times and finished 7th. This year his day was nearly flawless.

Thanks to Strava and Ted King’s transparency in throwing his ride up there, we can see just what it took to pull off the win.

Ted King’s Dirty Kanza by the Numbers:

  • Height: 6 ‘2
  • Weight: 180 lbs
  • Total Time: 10:42:06
  • Distance: 206 miles
  • Average Speed: 19.2 mph
  • Calories: 10,231
  • Elevation Total: 9,820 feet
  • TSS: 512
  • Normalized Power: 294 watts
  • Work: 10,214 KJ
  • Heart Rate Minimum: 86 hr
  • Heart Rate Average: 141 hr
  • Heart Rate Max: 168 hr
  • Average Power: 266 w
  • Max Power: 1,428 w
  • Normalized Power: 294 w

That’s a week’s worth of training rides for us normal folks all wrapped up into one hellish day. Not to mention his normalized power is in the range of what a cat 4/5 racer can do for 20 minutes or so, he rode at that for over 10 hours. Pretty incredible. And 10,000 Calories, that’s like 20 Big Macs. Yeesh.