Wahoo Speedplay Pedals are Here — Power Meter Coming this Summer

When Wahoo acquired Speedplay two years ago, everyone knew a pedal-based power meter would likely be the result. So, it’s not that surprising that Wahoo is now launching its all-new Wahoo Speedplay Zero pedal line and announcing the coming of their pedal-based power meter, Powrlink Zero, later this year.

The new Wahoo Speedplay Zero line consists of four pedals, priced from $149 to $449. The top-of-the-line model, the Speedplay Nano, features a titanium spindle and weighs just 168 grams. The cheapest option, the Speedplay Comp, weighs 232 grams and features a chromoly spindle.

The pedals do sport designs that are slightly different from the old Speedplay pedals, but rest assured as current Speedplay cleats are compatible with the new lineup.

As for the highly-anticipated Powrlink Zero pedals, they will be coming later this summer at 276 grams and a stainless spindle. No word yet if there will be a single-sided option at a lower price point, we don’t have a price point at all actually, so we’ll just have to wait and see.

More info at WahooFitness.

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