Wahoo Presents Open The Road

Episode Two of the Open the Road series explores the inevitability of change as it relates to the past, present, and future of women’s cycling. The Women’s Tour de France returns after 33 years of absence. While the men’s side of the sport has grown seeing teams spend more money and use more resources than ever before in the pursuit of performance and winning the women’s side of the sport has not kept pace. With the addition of the women’s World Tour, the women’s Paris Roubaix, and now the return of the women’s Tour de France the momentum appears to be in favor and the demand for women’s racing is at an all-time high. Change and progress are inevitable. Whether it be the changing of the seasons or technological advances that push humanity forward “change is meaningless unless we see it through.” It is the responsibility of each rider, race organizer, and the fans to see the change through, to play their part in the progress and growth of the sport we are all passionate about.

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