Wahoo Presents Open The Road Ep. 1 – Foundations

Trailblazers. Pioneers. Outcasts. We appreciate them because they show us new perspectives. They go against the grain, question the status quo, and lead by example. Team EF Education – Easy Post and EF Education Tibco – SVB stand out from most World Tour teams because they think differently. They take the road less traveled. Pro athletes are often put on a pedestal, surrounded by cameras, followed by reporters, revered for their performances. But at the end of the day, they are still human. In the “Open the Road” series we set out to show the characteristics, quirks, and distinctive moments that make these athletes human with the backdrop of performance. A team is something larger than oneself. It’s a living, breathing, organism that is directly affected by everyone and things involved. When built correctly, it takes on a presence and personality of its own. The goal of this series is to discover what makes teams EF Education – Easy Post and EF Education Tibco – SVB different.

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