Wahoo Expands Their Fitness Frontier with the All-New KICKR RUN Smart Treadmill

Wahoo unveils KICKR RUN, a game-changing smart treadmill for indoor running, featuring real-time pace adaptation, Zwift integration, and a natural running feel. Launching in 2024, this innovative treadmill revolutionizes home workouts.

Wahoo Expands Their Fitness Frontier with the All-New KICKR RUN Smart Treadmill

In a surprise move, Wahoo, traditionally known for its cycling products, is making the leap into indoor running. It's not an April Fools' joke - say hello to the KICKR RUN, Wahoo's very first smart treadmill. r typical treadmill.

Introducing the Wahoo KICKR RUN Treadmill: A New Era of Indoor Running

The KICKR RUN represents a new frontier in indoor running technology. It's designed to offer a fully immersive running experience in the comfort of your home. What sets the KICKR RUN apart is its ability to adapt to the runner's pace in real-time, allowing for intuitive speed adjustments without manual intervention. This feature, combined with full integration with Zwift Run, brings a realistic and dynamic running experience indoors.

A Word from the Founder

Chip Hawkins, the founder of Wahoo Fitness, shares his excitement about this new venture. "Having spent over seven years in development with a dedicated team, it's thrilling to finally bring KICKR RUN to the market. Our goal was to create the most authentic indoor running experience possible, a tool that not only enhances training but also helps athletes reach their full potential," says Hawkins.

Key Features of the KICKR RUN Treadmill

1. RunFree Mode:

In this mode, the treadmill's high-speed motor instantly responds to your position, allowing seamless speed changes without manual adjustments. This unique feature ensures a natural, comfortable running rhythm.

2. Tailored Training:

Designed to make you faster, the KICKR RUN offers preloaded workouts from elite training platforms like Zwift. It also features user-friendly control paddles, enabling adjustments without breaking stride.

3. Run Smart:

Experience a natural running feel with the KICKR RUN's responsive surface, designed to mimic the energy return of outdoor surfaces. It also includes tilting capabilities for a more dynamic running experience, simulating real-world conditions.

4. Run Connected:

The treadmill seamlessly integrates with software platforms like ZWIFT and Wahoo SYSTM for structured, virtual training. With elite speed capabilities, it's suitable for runners of all levels.

Enhanced Connectivity and User-Friendly Design

The KICKR RUN is more than just a treadmill; it's a complete training ecosystem. It integrates perfectly with Wahoo's array of heart rate monitors, smartwatches, and other accessories. It includes an integrated shelf for laptops or tablets, built-in bottle holders, USB-C ports for charging, and WiFi connectivity for easy network access. Like its cycling counterparts, the KICKR RUN also features a direct connect port for a stable network connection.

Pricing and Availability

The Wahoo KICKR RUN is set to launch in the USA in the summer of 2024, with a global rollout planned for 2025. However, enthusiasts can get an exclusive preview at the Boston Run Show, with live demos scheduled for January 27-28.

  • Price: $5,000
  • Availability: Shipping starts in late June 2024

For more information and to stay updated on the KICKR RUN, visit WahooFitness.com.