Wahoo KICKR V6 and Updated KICKR Bike Released

This year marks 10 years since Wahoo’s first KICKR Smart Trainer, so it’s a great time to highlight the new and improved design, which has been built upon a decade of experience. 

Today, Wahoo announced the new KICKR V6 and KICKR Smart Bike 2. Both devices pack in some new and enhanced features, including Wi-Fi connectivity.

The KICKR Smart Bike 2 has the same design as the KICKR Bike One. No design changes here other than the power dongle that now includes the Direct Connect option, more on that in a minute.


  • Wi-Fi Connectivity
  • Direct Connect port
  • Automatic Firmware Updates
  • Odometer
  • ERG Easy Ramp
  • Increased Max Watts to 2,500 watts from 2,200 watts
  • Quieter flywheel
  • Price: USD $3,999.99

The KICKR Bike will be available to ship later this month.


  • Wi-Fi Connectivity
  • Automatic Firmware Updates
  • Odometer
  • ERG Easy Ramp
  • Price: USD $1,299.99


Wi-Fi provides significant improvements in data transfer and stability compared to Bluetooth and ANT+. The KICKR uses the 2.4ghz frequency, which offers a wide coverage area and is better at penetrating solid objects like walls.

The introduction of Wi-Fi also allows for real-time troubleshooting if you need to reach out to Wahoo’s support team, as well as automatic firmware updates.

ERG Easy Ramp

ERG workouts are fantastic with a few shortcoming, one annoyance is that if you have to stop/pause your workout, then resume it, you are in for a world of hurt as you slowly get the bike turning over again. Wahoo’s ERG Easy Ramp feature ramps you up to the target wattage over an interval of approximately 10 seconds, letting you build your pedal speed from zero.


Both the new KICKR and Bike will now track usage via an internal odometer. This feature will be especially useful when buying or selling a used KICKR or KICKR Bike.

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