Wahoo Frontiers: The Women of 24 Hours In The Old Pueblo

In this episode of Frontiers, Wahooligan women take on the 24HoP trail race in Tucson, AZ. Their goal was to set a new women’s course record for the number of laps completed in 24 hours. The course record is 20 laps and this team of four accomplished their goal by putting up 21 laps in 24 hours, setting a new women’s course record.

These Wahooligans are best friends and competitive cyclists who decided to start the season early together. What better way than to set a new course record?

Wahoo is excited to celebrate International Women’s Month with this team. Wahoo Frontiers seeks to support the growth of the sport of cycling by being inclusive and taking a view that athletes are more than the performances they strive to achieve. The journey is the goal and the journey makes us better versions of ourselves and better community members.

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