Wahoo Acquires Speedplay Pedals

Wahoo Fitness announced its acquisition of Speedplay pedals today. The acquisition closely follows Wahoo’s recent acquisition of the Sufferfest online training platform.

Speedplay is an American company best known for its small, dual-sided clipless road pedals which offer a large range of pedal axle widths, adjustable cleats and big floats.

According to a press release from Wahoo, “By focusing on the needs of cyclists across all disciplines, Wahoo intends to put Speedplay pedals on as many bicycles as possible and continue to drive creativity at this celebrated brand.”

I think Garmin’s acquisition of the MetriGear Vector pedals back in 2010 can give us the best hint as to what Wahoo is up to here. That pedal was built within a Speedplay Zero spindle. Given that Wahoo doesn’t currently offer a power meter, a pedal-based release seems likely and imminent.

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