Wahoo Acquires RGT Cycling, Introduces Wahoo X Subscription

Wahoo Acquires RGT Cycling, Introduces Wahoo X Subscription

Wahoo has acquired Zwift competitor RGT and have integrated the service into a new monthly subscription called Wahoo X.

A few comparisons between RGT and Zwift:

Where Zwift offers a more gamified and cartoony virtual indoor cycling experience, RGT Cycling is a more realistic experience.

“Wahoo RGT provides realistic drafting, cornering and braking, making it less like a video game and more like an immersive cycling simulator.”

Instead of having virtual courses that sometimes mimic real-world locations, Wahoo RGT features famous routes and climbs, including place like Mont Ventoux.

Similar to Zwift, there are virtual group rides and races to join, as well as a library of structured workouts.

One other standout feature with RGT is the ability to upload GPX files and create custom virtual courses using the software’s Magic Roads feature. It’s not always perfect, but it’s a fun way to pre-ride races.

The Package

The new Wahoo X plan has the same monthly USD price as Zwift: $14.99. The Wahoo X package, however, gives you full access to all features and content for both Wahoo SYSTM and Wahoo RGT under a single subscription. Plus, Wahoo X has a $50 discount for annual memberships, something Zwift is sorely missing.

All told, excited for some actual competition to Zwift!