Videos: The 2020 Dutch Headwind Cycling Championships

Videos: The 2020 Dutch Headwind Cycling Championships

The weather was not a fan of cycling this over the weekend. Here in Colorado, Old Man Winter was snowed out. In Australia, winds and rain canceled most of the UCI BMX Supercross World Cup. In Belgium, Storm Ciara canceled the Superprestige Merksplas.

The Netherlands, however, embraced the chaos.

The Dutch “Headwind Cycling Championships” or “Cycling Against the Wind National Championships” were held on a 9km-long dam.  Athletes rode singlespeed bikes without drop handlebars over the 8.5km course into insane headwinds.

A riders report from the race:

The A.P. reported that 11,000 people were interested in competing at the Headwind Cycling Championships, but it was capped at just 300 athletes. Riders battled 100km per hour headwinds for most of the day,but organizers were forced to stop the even short…. due to high winds.

The winner completed the 8.5km course in just over 20 minutes.