Video: Victory Lap – Conquering the Leadville 100

Video: Victory Lap – Conquering the Leadville 100

A short film about commitment, perseverance and the grit needed to get to the finish line of the most challenging mountain bike race in America.

Starting at 10,000 feet and taking riders over 100 epic miles and 12,000 feet of elevation change, the Leadville 100 MTB is seen as the most challenging and prestigious mountain bike race in the country. Months of miles in the saddle, weeks of discipline to reach peak physical condition, ongoing tests of mental toughness – it takes a special kind to even make it to the starting line. But if you can endure the training for such a thing, the actual race is your victory lap. Watch Stio Ambassadors, Nicole Jorgenson and Charlie Hagen take on Leadville and converge with 1,600 other racers at the country’s most legendary bike race.

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Director: Justin Mayers

Producer: Danny Holland & Stirling Cobb

Sound Design: Jeff Yellen

Motion Design: S.R. Brandon