Video: The Woodpackers

Cycling and woodworking, I can get behind this.

Recently we got back on an old trail that we often used to ride in recent years, especially during lunch breaks to train in view of a multi-day bikepacking trip. Over the years, wind and snow have broken and even uprooted many trees, making impractical the singletrack section that crosses the coniferous forest. So we decided to clear the passages obstructed by the trees and we noticed that on some of these there were bird nests, while from time to time the characteristic noise of the woodpecker at work could be heard in the distance. At that precise moment the idea was born to “recycle” some sections of these conifers and create birdhouses with them, letting the rest of the logs follow its natural cycle as humus. Things turned even more interesting since Giorgio, in his spare time, create handmade wooden products (@saturn_woodturning), and immediately saw the possibility to building the birdhouses by turning the logs obtained to free the path. The idea was very stimulating not only from a creative point of view, since it turned out a small sign of gratitude and appreciation to the environment through which the trail passes. Now we ride there almost every day, waiting for spring and see if the birdhouses will host some broods.

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