Video: Rodeo Labs Ultra-Durable Cerakote Custom Paint

Video: Rodeo Labs Ultra-Durable Cerakote Custom Paint

Cerakote is the proven leader in thin-film coatings and has never looked better than when it was applied to this Rodeo Adventure Labs Carbon Fiber Trail Donkey 3.1 and Spork 2.0. Cerakote is the obvious choice for any bike building. Performance attributes and benefits include:

• Cerakote is thinner than liquid paint at 1mil thick

• Cerakote is lighter on average that traditional automotive paint or powder coat used on most bikes

• Cerakote has better color consistency than anodizing and has a wider color selection

• Cerakote is extremely durable and is resistant to abrasion, corrosion, impact, and chemicals

• Cerakote is naturally hydrophobic, resisting mud and water

• Cerakote is also friendlier on workers and the environment with its exceptionally low VOC characteristics (VOC exempt in all 50 states)

• It can be applied to many substrates such as metal, composites, plastics, carbon fiber and more

• Made in the USA

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